For the love of good food and adventure.

In a world of concrete jungles, we are lucky to be surrounded by the embrace of our mother ocean; to be able to reach out, touch the waves, and lose our breath to the amazing vista that is New Zealand.

Shaka Bowl is a Hawaiian-inspired wave-riding sun-kissed poké shop. Each bowl of poké is made with fresh, handpicked fish and ingredients, and a lot of passion and dedication.

Just like surfing, there are a million ways to do something – as long as you're smiling, you're doing it right. So come grab a bowl of poké, head out and enjoy the sun.

Get lunch delivered

We know life can get busy. Why run out to get lunch when we can deliver it to you? If you're organising a team lunch, stuck at work, or just too lazy to get out, we'll come to you.

Coming Soon

Cater a poké party

Got a birthday, gathering, afternoon tea or good old backyard party coming up? Treat your guests to a buffet of poké bites and bowls.

Coming Soon